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October 19, 2005


The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore ~ Vincent van Gogh

Heard about her the day before yesterday and just KNEW she was going to be a cast iron bitch. Woke up this morning to find out that the bitch is on target directly for me.

Doxy and Wilma

In a way, this is a good sign because the odds of it following this exact heading without deviating is unlikely. North or South is good for me, but bad for any number of people I care about.

But you know....FUCK. When did I become the hurricane slut?

Still. I'm not as panicked as everyone apparently thinks I should be.

Ironically, while I am normally the safety girl bullying everyone to take precautions while they roll their eyes and sigh heavily, the roles are suddenly turned. My phone today has been nothing but panic and "get out of there" and frantic energy.

Maybe it's the combination of Andrew and last year, but I just don't panic so easily anymore. Sure, I have a plan (it's a well-oiled machine at this point). I'm making preparations, but there is plenty of time to decide and watch and there are several things that have to happen exactly right for me to be in danger.

First, the storm has to stay strong. The gulf is cooler now than it was during Katrina. I don't see this storm staying as strong as it is now all the way to landfall. I think when it hits it is likely to be a 2 or 3 rather than a 4 or 5. And my shelter of preference (relatives' house) has already handled a ground zero category 3 with no problem.

I also suspect Wilma is going to hit north of where they're predicting now. I'm thinking north of Tampa, and although I hate it for them, it's my best guess. This convergence of systems which is going to make Wilma take this jump to the East is going to have to be a stronger influence to make her take such a sharp turn off her current trajectory. This worries me for all the friends of mine that are currently evacuating out of the Keys and Miami. I hope they're evacuating further north than Tampa.

I am concerned that the eye is so compact. Andrew was like that. Sometimes when an eye is small and tight it can collapse and disappear, but far more often it is the strongest and more enduring type of eye wall.

I'm doing laundry. I'm going through the freezer. I'm getting my little bundle of supplies and precious belongings packed and ready. I'm planning on getting the house shuttered up and I've got multiple evacuation plans that depend on how strong the storm looks when it gets closer.

But I don't think it's time to panic yet. Friday will be the long, nervous day. To see if it holds its power and takes that sharp turn and then I'll still have a full day and a half to calmly evacuate.

No worries. Not yet, anyway.

Yes, gang, please take Wilma seriously, but don't let Katrina trauma whip you into a frenzy of senseless overreacting.

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I'm coming over there to take you away. Away to where it's safe.

Oh, sure, earthquakes. But nevermind, they're not scary. B^)

Posted by: Karl Elvis at October 19, 2005 04:33 PM

Bryan Norcross is throwing a hissy fit again, but we ain't leaving Miami until there's a clear and present danger, tweetie. I am worried for you, but you sound like you've got things well in hand. xoxox

Posted by: Ella at October 19, 2005 08:43 PM

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