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September 06, 2005

Nor Any Drop To Drink

Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice. ~ Mr. Sideshow (inspired by Arthur C. Clarke)

If you're already starting to get sick to your stomach about the "blame the local officials" game going on regarding Katrina, THIS is an interesting article. It refers directly to THIS PRESS RELEASE issued on the 26th, showing there was a FEDERAL state of emergency called for parts of Louisiana. Curiously absent are the areas most affected. Either the press release which included those areas has been pulled or this one has been altered for some purpose.

Also according to THIS ST. PETERSBURG TIMES ARTICLE Bush was on a video conference with the Director of the National Hurricane Center. So this "no one could have foreseen" line isn't going to play.

If you can stomach it, you need to read THIS ARTICLE FROM THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE that shows how our nation's emergency crews have been squandered during this crisis.

Crooks and Liars has the BARBARA BUSH AUDIO that I can't get my head around. This is not a stupid woman. What the HELL did she think she was saying?

From Constructive Interference a roll call of the DAMAGE THAT FEMA DID.

If you haven't seen THIS BBC NEWS VIDEO then take a deep breath first. It will break your heart into pieces. If someone told you these were people in America more than a week after the disastrous events, would you have believed it before now? I thought that I couldn't get anymore physically upset after watching Aaron Broussard on Meet the Press. I was wrong.

And finally, just to emphasize how malevolent the clusterfuck currently known as FEMA is, give THIS SALON ARTICLE a glance and ponder how fast Bush's ass would have been down to the Big Easy if this was an election year.

Oh, and hurricane victims in the midst of rebuilding their lives had better keep track of their accounting. Remember all those hefty FEMA checks that went to Florida victims of Ivan during that tight election year? Well, once that election was over, quite a few of those victims were asked to GIVE MONEY BACK.

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FEMA is an odd body, and I don't mind saying that their broad powers have always made me a bit nervous. I will never understand why we as a nation have turned away aid offered by many other countries, I will *never* understand... I mean, come on, do we REALLY lose face if we take aid from Canada?!

As far as giving money back - If someone DID get back full value for house/property replacement from the government AND double dipped by getting it also back from their insurance company then that's probably morally shaky (assuming of course that their insurance is one that gives them back the *actual* replacement cost rather than just the value of their home (which doesn't take into account how much it would cost to replace the home in 2005)).

Do I agree with going back and demanding the money back? No - but I'm sure there were instances of people that did deliberately try to double-dip and the drive is probably primarily to catch those people.

But a woman who has to pay back $700? Just take that $700 from the large amount of taxes that I pay every year and tell her to keep the change.

Posted by: Zgirl at September 7, 2005 09:13 AM

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