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October 04, 2005

Anti-Leeching Software Gone Terribly Awry

Be suspicious of anything that works perfectly - it's probably because two errors are canceling each other out. ~ Dave Bartley

Okay, so obviously if you're seeing my anti-leeching message plugged into place for every image on my site that isn't the presentation I was planning. This programming stuff is tricky business.

I've since removed the anti-leeching files while I examine them for covert nanobots set on "destroy website." I'll also try and evaluate what possible flaw in my code caused them to go haywire.

If you're using Firefox or a reasonable browswer, hold down the SHIFT key while reloading and the correct images should refresh into place. If you're using IE, you'll have to clear your cache before you can see my sites back to normal.

Technology is a drippy little twat that needs to see the back of my hand.


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You mis-spelled "you need to ditch it and get a real fucking browser" there after "If you're using IE."

Posted by: Karl Elvis MacRae [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 4, 2005 07:56 PM

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